Backyard Playground Structures

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The Definitive Guide to Backyard Playground Structures

If you are looking for backyard playground structures that stand apart from the rest, you have come to the right place. 

The team at Swingit is dedicated to hand-crafting the safest and most fun custom swingsets you could hope to find. You will discover a range of themes that grab interest and keep children smiling for years to come, and you should have no trouble finding backyard playground structures that your children will love. 

Explore some of the playground themes we have to offer.


Swing Set With Monkey Bars

The swing set that has monkey bars is a classic. 

You get the standard swing set and monkey bars your children can use to play, build strength, and boost confidence.


Most adults remember what it was like trying to cross monkey bars for the first time. You were afraid to fall but gave it a shot anyway. Although you likely fell off the first few times, the feeling of finally crossing the monkey bars increased your confidence. 

Share that experience with your children by picking this playground structure. 


Pirate Ship Playground

The best backyard playground structures inspire the imagination in more ways than one. 

Your children are sure to love the pirate-themed playground structure. In addition to enjoying the swings and other playground features, your children engage their imagination and embark on a daring pirate adventure to find lost treasure and save their friends from an unknown fate. 

Brave the high seas with your children when you choose this playground pirate ship for your backyard. 


Swing Set With Slide

The swing set with a slide is another fantastic classic you don’t want to miss. 

Your children can relax on the swings for a while before going down the slide. Having this classic playground structure in your backyard turns back the clock and reminds you of your childhood, and you can share those memories with your children while you play with them. 

The simple design provides hours of fun each day and keeps your children active, happy, and healthy. 


Swing Set With Climbing Wall

You could be looking for backyard playground structures that do much more than provide fun times and good memories. This playground offers all the fun you would expect from a typical playground, but it also features a climbing wall your children won’t want to overlook. 

The climbing wall is an excellent way for your children to increase their fitness and improve their self-esteem. Not everyone can climb the wall on the first try, but almost all children will get to the top with enough effort and persistence. 

Learning the value of persistence will benefit children for the rest of their lives. 


Swing Set With Rock Wall

Add a rock wall to your swing set to make your playground even more appealing.

Your children can give the rock wall a try when they finish using the swing set, and their imaginations will take over and transport them to another world. 

They can pretend they are action heroes on daring adventures to save the world, and the only way to do so is to reach the top of the rock wall. You can join the fun, hold contests, and offer prizes to those who make it to the top. 

The swing set with a rock climbing wall provides good times and beautiful memories, and your children will thank you. 


Swing Set With Tube Slide

If you are looking for something slightly different from standard backyard playground structures, this swing set with a tube slide could be the perfect solution. 

You get the standard swing set that comes with almost every playground in the world. The most significant difference is that you get a tube slide instead of a standard one, and your children will be thrilled with the results. 

Enclosed tube slides are a little safer because they prevent small children from falling off while they play, giving you peace of mind. 


Swing Set With Trampoline And Slide

You might be looking for something that has a little more to offer, depending on the size of your yard. 

If you want a playground with more than just the standard swing and slide, opt for the swing set that comes with a slide and trampoline. Trampolines provide countless afternoons filled with fun and help your children stay in shape along the way. 

With proper supervision, children increase their fitness and coordination as they bounce, laugh, and play all day.


Swing Set With Trampoline

You can also replace the slide with a trampoline if you want to give your children a chance to enjoy bouncing up and down. 

This option works well if you are on a budget or don’t have enough room for the slide and trampoline. If your budget is the concern, you can get the trampoline now and purchase the slide when it fits into your budget in the future. 

Children of all backgrounds and ages love jumping on trampolines for hours at a time. 


Swing Set With Sandbox

Get the playground with a sandbox to give your children more fun and memories than they can handle. 

They will play with their toys and build castles, tunnels, bridges, and other structures out of the sand, and the only limit to what they can do is their imagination. 

You can even go online and find cool sandbox projects you and your children can do together so that you can share the memories they make. 

Sandbox playgrounds let your children’s imaginations take over and empower them to explore their creativity in new ways every day.


Swing Set With Tire Swing

The swing set with a tire swing is another option you don’t want to overlook when your goal is to find the perfect backyard playground for your children. 

The tire swing improves coordination and helps children build confidence in their abilities. Children must be aware of themselves to control their movements on the tire swing, learning skills that enhance their fitness and well-being. 

Your children will be happy when you purchase this playground for your backyard. 


Treehouse Playground

A treehouse playground is an excellent addition to any backyard. 

Your children will enjoy the swing set but have an additional source of fun to inspire their minds and increase their creativity. Children can use the treehouse to imagine what it will be like to have their own home one day, and you can even let them stock their treehouse with healthy snacks to fuel their energy. 

A treehouse playset keeps children active and offers hours of enjoyment. 


Swing Set With Baby Seat

Some parents don’t know what to do when they have babies or smaller children who want to enjoy the playground with their older siblings. 

A baby is too little to enjoy a standard swing set, preventing them from taking advantage of the playground. The good news is that you can buy a swing set with a baby seat to defeat that problem. 

Your baby can safely join the fun when you go with this option.


Swing Set With Stairs

You have many designs from which to choose when it comes to backyard playgrounds. 

Many swing sets have ladders that children must climb to reach the top, but some children have trouble using them. If you want to give your children an easy way to enjoy their playground, pick a swing set with stairs to reach your goal. 

The stairs provide children with a simple way to get on and off the playground anytime they want. 


Swing Set With Playhouse

Give your children a source of fun that never runs out so that they can enjoy themselves for years to come. 

This playground also comes with a playhouse. Your children can use it to engage their imaginations and play for as long as they want. 

Children love pretending they are older and have their own homes, and doing so prepares them for the real world when they grow up. Your children can pretend to cook and clean their house while you supervise the fun, but don’t be afraid to join them to create lasting memories you will cherish forever. 


Swing Set With Just Swings

Some people like to keep life simple, and you could be one of them. 

If you prefer to keep things simple and straightforward each step of the way, get the swing set with just swings. This swing set does not have any extra features, toys, or structures, making it a smart option for small yards and tight budgets. This option also works well if you want to teach your children to appreciate the things they have.

You can always add to the swing set in the future if your children do chores or meet other standards. 


Swing Set With Saucer

A swing set with a saucer is an excellent choice if you have several children who enjoy spending time together.

Your children can sit on the dish together and gently swing back and forth, and they will discover the value of teamwork along the way. 

The swing set with a saucer gives you and your children a powerful way to bond and create lasting memories you won’t ever want to forget. 


Swing Set with Treehouse

No matter your children’s age, they will love a swing set that comes with a treehouse. 

Children enjoy the fun and excitement that treehouses offer, and you can now combine that with a classic swing set that offers tons of fun and excitement all year. 

Many children spend hours playing in their treehouse and get in touch with nature along the way. 


Swing Set With Monkey Bars and Slide

Get a swing set with monkey bars and a slide for even more fun on which you can depend. 

Whether your children want to relax on the swing or improve their skills on the monkey bars, the good times never have to end when you have this playground in your yard. 

The slide completes the picture and creates a source of fun your children will love for years to come, and you will know you made the right call when you see the look on their faces. 


Playset With Tire Swing

Any child would be thrilled to have a playset with a tire swing in their backyard. 

When you want to give your children a gift that keeps them in shape and encourages them to spend time outside, you can’t go wrong with this playground. 

Let your children enjoy the swing and slide for as long as they want, and they can then try the tire swing for even more good times. 


Toddler Playset With Swing

You don’t want your toddler to miss out on all the fun and excitement, so get a toddler playset with a swing.

Toddler playsets provide toddlers and small children with a safe place to play and have fun, and they will be glad you got this playset for them. The safety features and gentle swings make the toddler playset possible and give you peace of mind. 

You will know you did the right thing when you see your toddler laugh and smile all day.


Outdoor Treehouse Playset

An outdoor treehouse playset is a great option when you have children who enjoy spending time outside. 

This playset will encourage your children to go outside and enjoy nature. Many children end up spending all day inside the treehouse playing with their friends. They can take a break from the swings and slides while enjoying a tasty snack inside their treehouse, and they will lose track of time and create many memories along the way.


Swing Set With Tunnel

Get the swing set with a tunnel if you are looking for something that stands apart from the other options on the market. 

The tunnel playset connects the swing and slides with a tunnel your children will love crawling through, and the tunnel even gives them a great place to hang out when it rains. 

Get this playset for your children so that they can have all the fun they need. 


Swing Set With Bridge

If a swing set with a tunnel is not appealing to you, try the swing set with a bridge. 

This playground connects the slide and swings with a bridge your children can cross when they want to try something different. This layout lets them explore their imaginations and keep them busy for hours and days. 

You can enjoy the playground with your children and give them ideas for different games and activities they can try, and they will enjoy spending time with you.


Swing Set With 2 Slides

A swing set with two slides could make sense for you if you have a lot of children. They won’t have to wait as long for their turn to try the slide, and they can even race each other to the bottom.

Pirate Ship Playground Set

The pirate ship playground set is an excellent addition to any yard. 

Your children can swing and pretend they are pirates searching for lost treasure, and this theme gives them countless ways to exercise their imaginations. 

Your children and their friends will have the time of their lives each time they step onto the playground for a day of fun and adventure. 


Swing Set With Fort

If your children enjoy forts, a swing set with a fortress is an option you don’t want to miss. 

Children can spend all their time on the swing set, but they also have access to a fort when they want to use it. A fort gives children the chance to play tons of games, such as tag and hide and seek. They can use the fort as a base when playing tag. When they want to have lunch or a quick snack, the fort makes a great place to relax and enjoy some food. 

Help your children decorate the fort to create a unique theme that does not exist anywhere else in the world.


Playset With Slide and Swing 

The playset with a slide and swing is an excellent choice if you like sticking to the classics. 

Children can enjoy the swings and slides that come with most playgrounds, and you don’t have to worry about additional features that take up too much room. This design is easy on your budget and makes sense if you don’t want to use a lot of space in your yard for the playground you are going to buy. 

Giving your children a personal playground is a smart ex way to keep them in shape and let them spend quality time together. With this playground in your yard, creating memories will be easier than you once thought possible. 


Outdoor Playset With Tire Swing

Few things in life are as memorable as an outdoor playset with a tire swing. 

Tire swings go back in history, and you probably had one when you were still a child. Get this playground for your children and relive some of the best days of your life while giving your children incredible memories they will love forever. 

Tire swings offer hours of fun and give you plenty of opportunities to bond with your children.


Backyard Playset With Sandbox

A sandbox offers something that other play structures can’t match. 

While most play structures remain the same, your children can mold their sandbox to match anything that comes to their imagination. They can use toys and building blocks to create entire cities, space stations, forests, and more. Some children create underwater themes, while others construct futuristic towns. 

When you give your children a backyard playset with a sandbox, you open the door to an unlimited number of worlds for them to explore. 


Final Thoughts

Choosing the right playground is not always as easy as it sounds. 

With so many options on the table, picking a playground that makes sense for you can seem like a daunting task. Keep your children’s needs, age, and safety requirements in mind each step of the way. You must also consider their interests and abilities if you want to match them with a playground that grabs their attention and holds it until the end. 

Use these tips to select a playground that makes sense for you and your children, and you will share many great times with them.


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