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Purchasing a custom swing set for home or commercial use is a big decision. The right playset is safe and fun for kids and kids at heart.

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions to get an idea about the quality construction, premium materials, and design creativity that goes into every Swingit custom made swing set.


  • What Are the Weight and Age Limits for Your Sets?

    The weight and age limits for your Swingit swing set depends on you. While we carry popular pre-designed playset models that you may want to consider, we specialize in custom made swing sets that fit your needs. A swing set that’s designed for small children has swings that safely hold weights between 100 and 120 pounds.

    Depending on your chosen swing set design, we’ll also provide you with the total maximum weight limit for your swing set. Most swing sets that are designed for small children have a maximum total weight limit between 600 and 800 pounds. Our weight limit is 250 pounds per swing.

    Nothing encourages children to get more outdoor exercise as parents who lead by example. That’s why Swingit regularly constructs playsets that are fun for the entire family.

    Swingit allows you to design your own swing set to accommodate play for both children and adults. We use only premium materials to construct our custom playsets. These materials are designed to be rugged and sturdy for years of enjoyment and rough handling. Our expert construction techniques ensure that your playset won’t tip over even when an average-sized adult decides to take a turn on the swing set.

    Our residential and commercial swing sets are constructed to your specifications and meet local building standards.

  • Custom Sets Are Nice, But Do You Have Sample Sets for Inspiration?

    We never underestimate the visionary instincts of our customers. Thanks to them, we’ve seen some of the coolest playset designs in our industry. You can view some of the most imaginative playset designs on our online project gallery. You can also browse our online catalog that contains dozens of playset designs. Get us to build one of these playset models as is or make customizations to a playset design that you like to create a unique play area for your space.

  • How Do You Ensure Product Safety?

    When you install a custom swing set on your property, safety is a priority to prevent injuries and lawsuits. That’s why safe play is one of Swingit’s core values.

    Our team of builders has decades of collective experience constructing sturdy, secure playsets for children and adult use. Carefully curated materials and rigorous onsite testing play a significant role in maintaining our outstanding safety record with thousands of satisfied customers.

    A playset that’s made from the right materials provides hours of enjoyment for our pint-sized customers. Swingit playsets are constructed of durable PVC, pressure-treated wood, plastic lumber decking, or any combination of these three materials. Playsets that are made from PVC and plastic lumber decking are splinter-free. Plus, they come with a unique keep cool material that makes playing comfortable and safe even during hot summer days.

    When small hands get caught in gaps in playsets, tears never fail to flow. Swingit’s plastic lumber decking allows you to design a beautiful, gap-free playset that’ll keep your children entertained for hours of uninterrupted fun. You’ll have extra peace of mind knowing that every Swingit product uses stainless steel hardware. Thus, it makes our custom playsets five times stronger than the mass-produced varieties that you can find at your local big-box retailers.

    Swingit testing begins with careful inspection of all playset pieces before assembly. We check your playset to ensure that each element meets our standards for fit and finish. After tightening down every screw during product assembly, your installer performs stability calibrations on your playset. This reinforces it with beams and metal rebar anchors.

  • What’s the Difference Between Swingit’s Residential and Commercial Systems?

    Swingit’s residential playsets are designed for in-home childcare and private home use. Most mass-produced residential playsets are made with cheap, less durable materials that minimally meet local building standards. Our residential custom playsets are meticulously crafted from high-grade materials that are designed for long-term, safe operations. Because private residences have less yard space, our residential playsets usually are smaller than our commercial ones.

    Swingit commercial playsets are built to accommodate higher volumes of children than residential ones. They also come with sturdy reinforcements that support play for numerous children of all ages. The materials that we use in our commercial playsets are different from those that you’ll find on residential ones. You’ll get playset decking that uses water-proof PVC finished steel for excellent slip resistance and durability. A commercial custom-made swing set will also incorporate large gauge swing chains that support heavyweight and rougher play by unsupervised children.

    Our commercial playsets are found at these facilities.

    • Daycares
    • Faith-based centers
    • Schools
    • Public parks
    • HOA-managed community parks
  • Where Are Your Products Built?

    Swingit’s commercial and custom backyard playsets are proudly made in America. Once you place your order for a Swingit playset, our team of Amish builders goes to work crafting the playset of which dreams are made. They handcraft each playset piece and partially assemble the parts in Swingit’s 34,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Lancaster County, PA. Our expert installers assemble the final product in your yard after you approve playset placement.

  • Does Swingit Use Sustainable Building Practices?

    Swingit aims to make custom made swing sets that are safe for play and that are easy on the environment. You’ll get a glimpse of our sustainable building practices via the materials that we use to build your playset. We choose certified sustainably forested pine for our pressure treated wood playsets. We aim for zero-waste manufacturing when it comes to making our Grade A Southern yellow pine custom backyard playsets. Lumber is cut in a way that yields the maximum amount of boards per tree. When handcrafting unique playsets from wood, you can expect the process to produce plenty of wood chips and broken ends. Swingit’s playset manufacturers use these discards to make mulch and sawdust for eco-friendly landscaping and gardening.

    Many of our residential and commercial custom playsets are constructed using fade-resistant PVC that’s made from recycled milk jugs. A residential or commercial custom-made swing set often comes with a landing surface of rubber mulch that provides safe, comfortable padding for active feet. Our rubber mulch comes from recycled materials.

  • How Do I Maintain a Swingit Set?

    One of the best benefits of owning a Swingit custom made swing set is its low maintenance requirements. When you design your own swing set with Swingit, you get a play area that lasts for decades. Our playsets that are made from PVC and plastic lumber decking are resistant to rot, insects, and fading. Occasional cleaning keeps these playsets looking like new. We recommend scrubbing your custom playset with gentle soap and a soft-bristled brush to remove all traces of dirt and mildew.

    If you order a custom-made swing set that’s made from pressure-treated lumber, you’ll get a product that’s protected against rot and insects. A pressure-treated wood playset will eventually succumb to weathering if not adequately maintained. Consider sealing, staining, or painting to extend its life.

    When it comes to your little ones, your custom-made swing set can’t be too secure. We recommend conducting quarterly safety checks for your playset as a preventative maintenance step. This involves checking for loose bolts that can compromise the structural integrity of your play system.

  • What Happens If a Swingit Component Gets Damaged During a Strong Storm?

    While we use top-rated materials and construction standards, an act of nature such as a hurricane, tornado, or heavy hail can damage playset components. If this happens to your Swingit playset, you need to immediately stop all use until the unit is repaired. If you need a replacement part or component, contact our Swingit customer care office to set up a site visit. We’ll perform an inspection of the playset to evaluate your repair needs. We’ll order your custom components and install the new parts to make your playset attractive, functional, and safe again.

  • What Ground Preparation Must a Homeowner Do Before Swingit Installations?

    When you design your own swing set with Swingit, you get professional construction, assembly, and installation from start to finish. You’ll get an onsite inspection and design consultation before ordering. Once you decide on the placement of your custom-made swing set, you’ll need to remove any outdoor furnishings from that space before we begin installing your playset. You needn’t do any other ground preparation to ready your yard or commercial property for playset installation.

    When our installers arrive at your property to assemble your playset, they will clear grassy areas and lay down gravel for poured-in-place (PIP) rubber surfaces. They will install weather-proof borders to areas as needed. If your swing set design includes a rubber landing surface, your installer will lay down a high-performance weed guard before installing it.

  • How Long Does It Take to Get a Swingit System?

    You can pick up a mass-produced, generic playset from your big box store fast. However, a custom swing set takes more time to get design details just right, construct with care, and install with diligent attention to detail. Depending on your chosen swing set design, the whole process, from consultation to finished product delivery, takes about three weeks. Your custom swing set is partially pre-assembled in Swingit’s extensive production facility. It will only take a couple of hours for our installers to finish the project.

  • Can the Swingit Sets Be Moved After Installation?

    Swingit custom made swing sets are designed as permanent play systems for residential and commercial use. Many swing set design ideas use PIP rubber on surface areas, which makes moving your playset to a different part of your property impractical.

    When you design your own swing set with Swingit, you get custom pieces that fit snugly together to form an integrated and secure play system. If the playset is moved improperly, you risk damaging its components, loosening parts, and compromising its structural integrity.

    If you need to move your Swingit play system, please contact us for reassembly help.

  • I Have an Upcoming Event. Can I Get My Playset Order Expedited?

    We recommend that you schedule your design consultation and playset delivery date well in advance of any special occasion. We do everything possible to accommodate your schedule or event. We do expedite orders upon request. However, final onsite delivery is dependent on weather conditions.

  • What Type of Warranty Comes with a Swingit Purchase?

    When you buy an off-the-shelf playset, you miss out on creating a unique play experience that fits your family’s lifestyle and enhances your yard’s curb appeal. You also must rely on your own construction skills or those of a third-party installer to make sure that your play system is safe and functional. When you design your own swing set with Swingit, you benefit from expert builders and installers who stand by their work with written warranties.

    When you hire us to bring your custom playset design to life, you’ll get full accountability for materials, craftsmanship, and assembly. The decking of your custom playset sees a lot of action, and ours are built for the long haul. Your playset’s decking comes with a 20-year warranty against fading and cracking.

    Wood playsets add beauty and rich detail to many backyard settings. However, mass-produced wood playsets are often made of inferior grades of wood that aren’t treated properly. This makes them unable to withstand the wet weather conditions that cause premature rot. Your Swingit wood playset is covered by a 20-year warranty against rotting.

    We believe that our superior construction processes and techniques set us apart from mass-market playset suppliers and other custom playset builders. We back up our confidence with a six-year warranty that covers your custom-made swing set against all construction and installation defects.

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