Large Style

Cosmic Launcher Swing Set

Recommended Ages

2 to 11

Recently installed in

Arlington, Texas

Space Needed to install

30’ x 43’

Color options


Note: White will be paired with grey decking

Note: Ivory will be paired with brown decking

Slides, Swings, Roofs & Accents



The Cosmic Launcher swing set takes all the great features of the Rocket Launcher and takes it up a notch!

With four slides, a crawl tunnel connecting a ball pit and a clubhouse, swings, a monkey bar, a cargo net, and easy access points, the Cosmic Launcher has something for everyone!

The clear plastic tops for the sidewinder slide and crawl tunnel add so much charm to the set! It adds that extra sparkle of fun! The clubhouse combines nicely with the railed-in area giving that area a little outside cafe feeling. The tube slides are fast and exciting, while the dual avalanche slides are perfect for races!

All in all, the Cosmic Launcher is an epic swing set that looks stately, commanding, and classy in any backyard!

Border Needed: 136 Linear ft.
Rubber Mulch Needed: 4 tons
Wood Mulch Needed: 11 cu. yds.
Weed Guard Needed: 1107 sq. ft.
Total Space Needed 30’ x 43’
Towers: 4’x8’ Double-Deck Tower, 4’x4’ Tower with Roof Raised 1’, w/ 5’ & 7 Deck Height
Connector: 6’ Solid Bridge, 6’ Tunnel
Slides: 7’ Sidewinder Slide, 7’ Turbo Tube Slide, Two 10’ Avalanche Slides
Climbers: 7’ Cargo Net, 5’ Staircase, 5’ Ladder
Roof Type: Plasticosmic launcher
Swing Beam: 3 Position 8’ Tall Standard Swing beam with Perpendicular Monkeybar
Rides: 3 Belt Swings
Fun Add-ons: Decking Under 4’x8’ Double-Deck Tower, 8’Additional Railings, Clubhouse, 4’x4’ Ball Pit w/ 1,500 Balls, 4 Straight Clear Panels, One Elbow Clear Panel

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