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Note: Black will be paired with grey decking

Note: White will be paired with grey decking

Note: Ivory will be paired with brown decking

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$ 23,609.00
Unleash your child’s imagination with the Galaxy Explorer¬†playground set, a dazzling universe of adventure and fun right in your backyard. This stellar playset, designed to look like a cosmic space station, invites young astronauts to embark on interstellar journeys and epic galactic missions.
Key Features:
  1. Cosmic Climbing Towers: Twin towers designed with an outer space theme, featuring vibrant blue and silver accents, allow children to climb and conquer new heights as they imagine reaching for the stars.
  2. Space Shuttle Slides: The set includes two thrilling slides, a spiraling slide that mimics the launch of a rocket and a wave slide that delivers an exhilarating descent, giving kids the sensation of riding a meteor through space.
  3. Intergalactic Bridge: Connecting the towers is a sturdy, space-themed bridge that simulates walking across a moon crater, enhancing balance and coordination while sparking adventurous exploration.
  4. Astro-Play Panels: Interactive panels are installed within the towers to engage young minds with space puzzles and games, encouraging cognitive development through play.
  5. Cosmic Swings: The Galaxy Explorer is equipped with two high-flying swings, designed for a smooth, soaring experience, perfect for imagining liftoff into the great beyond.
  6. Command Center: The central hub, designed as a spaceship control center, is packed with buttons, levers, and dials, immersing children in a realistic astronaut experience.
  7. Safety and Durability: Constructed with high-quality, weather-resistant materials, the Galaxy Explorer ensures years of safe play. The set meets all safety standards, so parents can have peace of mind while their children embark on countless space adventures.
Why Choose Galaxy Explorer?
  • Imagination and Creativity: Encourages children to dream big, think creatively, and engage in imaginative play.
  • Physical Activity: Promotes physical fitness through climbing, sliding, and swinging, fostering healthy, active lifestyles.
  • Social Interaction: Perfect for group play, helping kids develop social skills and teamwork as they explore the galaxy together.
Make your backyard the ultimate destination for adventure with the Galaxy Explorer¬†playground set. Watch as your little astronauts’ faces light up with joy and excitement, ready to explore new worlds and create unforgettable memories. The universe awaits!
Border Needed 185 ft
Rubber Mulch Needed 6 ton
Weed Guard Needed 1,800 sq ft
Total Space Needed 62'x29'
Towers 6'x12' double deck (5' and 7' height), 6'x6' playdeck
Slides (2) 10 ft avalanche slide, 7 ft turn tube slide
Climbers 12' ramp - 2 ft wide, 7 ft full width climbing wall, 5 ft cargo net
Roof Type Poly
Connectors 12 ft Solid bridge - 4' wide
Swing Beam 3 position 8' standard beam, 4 position 8' standard beam
Rides Tire swing, (3) belt swings, plastic glider, deluxe toddler swing, basket glider, hammock swing
Fun Accessories Bubble panel, 6 ft long picnic table, tic tac toe, mega phone, 5' fireman's pole
Upgrades Poly rails on ramp, Raised roof height on towers, clear elbow tunnel section on slide

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