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Note: Black will be paired with grey decking

Note: White will be paired with grey decking

Note: Ivory will be paired with brown decking

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$ 13,211.00
Welcome to Moonlight Manor, where the magic of play meets the enchantment of the night. Nestled in a serene, natural setting, Moonlight Manor offers children a delightful escape into a world of imagination and adventure.
This playground is designed with a beautiful blue theme, reflecting the calm and wonder of a moonlit night. It features an array of exciting elements that cater to children of all ages, ensuring endless hours of fun and exploration.
Key Features:
  • Enchanting Slides: Enjoy the thrill of our dual wave slides and the excitement of our spiral slide, each promising a delightful ride under the imaginary moonlight.
  • Challenging Climbers: Various climbing structures, including a rock wall and ladders, help children develop their physical skills while having a blast.
  • Interactive Play Areas: Swings, tunnels, and bridges add variety and excitement, encouraging imaginative play and social interaction.
  • Safety First: Built with safety in mind, Moonlight Manor features soft, impact-absorbing surfaces and secure boundaries for worry-free play.
Moonlight Manor is not just a playground; it’s a magical realm where children can create their own adventures and stories. Whether they’re swinging under the stars or sliding down moonbeams, every visit to Moonlight Manor will be filled with joy and wonder.
Bring your family to Moonlight Manor and let your children’s imaginations soar in this enchanting playground, where the night is always young and the fun never ends
Border Needed 125 Ft
Rubber Mulch Needed 3 Ton
Weed Guard Needed 900 Sq Ft
Total Space Needed 39'x22'
Towers (2) 4'x4' playdeck (5' and 6' height)
Connectors 8' solid bridge - 4' wide
Slides (2) 10 ft avalanche slide, 6 ft super spiral slide
Climbers 12' ramp- 2 ft wide, 6' full width climbing wall, step up to tower
Roof Type Poly
Swing Beam 3 position monkey bar beam
Rides (2) belt swing, plastic glider
Fun Accessories Tic tac toe, telescope, ships wheel
Upgrades Raise roof height on towers

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