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Large Style

Rocket Launcher 2024 Play Set

Recommended Ages

2 to 12

Recently installed in

Montebello, NY

Space Needed to install

27’ x 32’

Color options


Note: White will be paired with grey decking

Note: Ivory will be paired with brown decking

Slides, Swings, Roofs & Accents


The Rocket Launcher play set is just epic. 5 slides, a ball pit, and so much more make this play set an absolute legend!


Five slides, yes, five, adorn the Rocket Launcher play set making this one of the most exciting sets we offer! The ball pit blast dives into the ball pit, which, even as an adult, is a thrilling experience!

The Rocket Launcher packs more than just slides; it also includes the ever-popular ball pit, built-in picnic table, ramp, ladder, rock climbing wall/ladder combo, and a host of our best fun accessories like the spotlight and megaphone! The Rocket Launcher will make any yard the hub of fantastic play and even better memories!

Border Needed: 118 Linear ft.
Rubber Mulch Needed: 3 tons
Wood Mulch Needed: 9 cu. yds.
Weed Guard Needed: 864 sq. ft.
Total Space Needed 28' x 36'
Total Height 13' 2"
Towers: (2) 6' x 12' Double Deck Towers w/ 5’ and 7’ Deck Heights
Connector: 3’ Tunnel Tube
Slides: 7’ Turbo Tube Slide, 10’ & 14’ Avalanche Slides, 5’ Sidewinder, 18’ Ball Pit Blast
Climbers: 5’ Ladder, 5’ Full Width Rock Wall, 12’ Ramp w/ Poly Railing
Roof Type: Poly
Rides: Deluxe Toddler Swing (Below 7’ Tower)
Fun Add-ons: Ship’s Wheel, Telescope, Tic-Tac-Toe, Ball Pit w/2500 playballs, Built-in Picnic Table, Megaphone, Spotlight

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