Medium Style

Treasure Cove Swing Set

Recommended Ages

2 to 10

Recently installed in

Lakewood, NJ

Space Needed to install

18’ x 30’

Color options


Note: White will be paired with grey decking

Note: Ivory will be paired with brown decking

Slides, Swings, Roofs & Accents


Package Price

$ 9,854.00

From a custom design to a standard swing set, the Treasure Cove is optimized for the backyard that has one long dimension!


With decking under the tower, a connect-4 game, and a unique layout, the Treasure Cove vinyl swing set is perfect for families who are just getting started! It really shines for families who have children that are younger as it has many safe, fun features for little ones.

The decking provides a fun, shaded area to play connect-4 together or have a snack. The split-level tower is great for kids of all ages as it provides both a 5′ height and a 6′ height.

The gray color will please mom and dad as it blends nicely into the backyard though you can choose any of our standard colors.

Border Needed: 96 Linear ft.
Rubber Mulch Needed: 2 tons
Wood Mulch Needed: 5 cu. yds.
Weed Guard Needed: 540 sq. ft.
Total Space Needed 18’ x 30’
Towers: 4’ x 8’ Split Level Play Deck w/ 5’ & 6’ Deck Height
Slides: 10’ Avalanche Slide, 6’ Super Spiral Slide
Climbers: 5’ Rock Climbing Wall/Ladder Combo
Sandbox: 4’ x 8’ (24 Bags of Sand Needed)
Roof Type: Plastic
Swing Beam: 3 Position Monkey Bar
Rides: Plastic Glider, Belt Swing, Trapeze Bar
Fun Add-ons: Decking Under The Tower, Connect Four-in-arow, Tic Tac Toe, Telescope, Ship’s Wheel

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