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Swing Set with Climbing Wall

Children love to climb trees, rocks, and walls. If you have ever taken your kids to indoor rock climb, you know how much they love it. You can bring that excitement to your backyard with a swing set with a climbing wall.

Climbing walls integrate seamlessly into your playset. They give children more opportunities to be active and develop strength and coordination. As they build skills, kids relish the sense of mastery that comes with scaling walls. A swing set with a climbing wall offers choices to delight every child.

Wide Climbing Walls
For a challenge that your kids will love, add a  full-width climbing wall to your swing set. These walls are wide enough to let children zig and zag as they find footholds. A full-width climbing wall suits children in a range of ages and sizes so that all kids get to share in the fun.

Popular lengths for these walls are 5 feet and 7 feet. If your children are younger, a 5-foot climb will enjoyably challenge them. This size fits smaller swing sets as well.

Older children, and more adventurous younger ones, will love the 7-foot climbing wall. They will improve agility while having a blast playing climbing games.

These walls have built-in footholds fastened securely to the climbing surface. The rugged plastic is gentle on small hands while withstanding the weight of many excited feet.

Many climbing walls come with a nylon rope that children can grab to hoist themselves up. This addition adds extra challenges and develops children’s upper body and core strength. The line attaches securely to the support beam above the wall.

Your ideal climbing wall should be thick, rugged plastic that holds up to weather and years of use. The surface is smooth and gap-free and stays cool in the summer heat. You can let your children play to their heart’s content with confidence.

Your climbing wall should have sturdy metal side rails for children to grasp as they climb. Use coated metal to keep it cool and smooth all year round.

Cargo Nets

An imaginative variation on climbing walls is the cargo net. Children can pretend they’re on a pirate ship as they scramble up the netting.

Knotted into squares, the netting is the perfect size for small feet and hands. The rope has enough give to accommodate children of various weights.

The perfect cargo net exists for every swing set with a climbing wall. Typical lengths are 5, 6, and 7 feet. No matter the size of your playset, adding a cargo net doubles your children’s fun. Kids will build hand-to-eye coordination as they gleefully climb to the top.


Sometimes a traditional ladder provides the most fun. Children can pretend to be firefighters or spaceship captains climbing aboard their vessels.

The right ladder for your swing set is made of weatherproof materials that stay cool for small hands. Whether 5 feet or taller, the ladder should anchor securely to your playset support beams.

The sturdy rungs have a grip surface to hold children’s feet securely. If you have young children, space the ladder rungs closely enough for short legs to climb.

Climbing Wall Combos

What is better than your very own backyard climbing wall? Most children would answer a combination wall!

A climbing combo consists of a single width climbing wall joined to a cargo net or ladder. It provides great fun for two children to climb together. Instead of jockeying to go first, kids can decide which half of the wall to tackle.

A climbing wall and cargo net combo is an excellent solution for children of different ages. Younger children can ascend the cargo net at their own pace while older kids scamper up the wall with a rope.

Another engaging combination is the climbing wall and ladder. For older kids, consider a 7-foot model that will build their skills as they happily burn off energy.

Other Climbers

While they aren’t strictly walls, don’t overlook these fun climbing accessories. Scaling a fireman’s pole takes full-body strength and coordination. It’s a great addition to challenge your kids while they have fun.

As you’re planning your children’s dream playset, consider adding a ramp or staircase. The more ways kids must reach platforms and playhouses, the more exercise they get. As some children climb their way to the top, others can scamper up ramps and stairs.

Whichever options you choose, your children will have a swing set with a climbing wall that delights their spirits and builds healthy bodies.