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Swing Set with Sandbox

A swing set can be so much more than just swings. By installing a swing set with a range of fun, exciting, and challenging features, you’ll give your backyard the same attractions as a playground at a public park.

A sandbox is among the most popular features to introduce to your swing set. How can a swing set with sandbox give your kids more joy and more opportunities to learn and grow?

The Benefits of a Swing Set with Sandbox in Your Backyard

Improved Fine Motor Skills

When kids play in a sandbox, they use a variety of tools and toys. These include buckets, shovels, and miniature rakes. Manipulating these toys helps the development of motor skills and coordination. While enjoying their time in the sandbox, kids work the smaller muscles in their hands and wrists. Their movements become characterized by greater purposefulness, strength, complexity, and control.

A Boost in Social Skills

Along with having fun playing alone in a sandbox, kids often share it with siblings and friends. Playing in the sandbox together allows them to strengthen all kinds of social skills, including sharing toys, making space for everyone to hang out peacefully, and collaborating on building a castle and other projects. Communicating clearly and treating other people with fairness and respect are essential skills that get exercised in a sandbox.

A Healthy Challenge for the Mind

When playing in a sandbox, kids often need to solve various problems. For example, let’s say they’re trying to build a castle or another structure out of sand. What should its dimensions be? How can they keep it from collapsing? Figuring out the answers to these questions sharpens their focus and their problem-solving abilities.

An Inspiration for the Imagination

There are so many imaginative activities kids can enjoy in a sandbox. They can be architects and builders who make lovely sand structures. They can pretend they’re at the beach or that they’re digging for treasure. The sandbox can become a map of an imagined world or a landscape to populate with toys. Your kids will enjoy the creative variations.

More Control Over Hygiene

When your sandbox is in your backyard, it’s limited to your kids and their relatively small number of friends. You have more control over the cleanliness of the sandbox.

For example, when your kids aren’t playing in it, you can use a sandbox cover to help keep out cats and pests. A sufficiently impervious and robust cover will also allow you to keep moisture levels down. A sandbox usually doesn’t demand intensive maintenance. But you can still make sure you’re meeting your high standards of cleanliness and safety by taking proper care of it.

What Can Your Swing Set with Sandbox Look Like?

If you’re thinking about combining a swing set with a sandbox, you may not be sure about how to pull it off. Where should the sandbox be positioned? How big should it be?

Have a look at some of the ways we’ve combined sandboxes with swing sets. Even in a smaller set, like The Care Bear Castle, we offer a sandbox as one of several features kids love. The others include a play tower, a climbing wall, a 10-foot slide, and multiple swings.

Our extensive and medium-sized sets, like The Space Walk and The Safe Harbor, also accommodate sandboxes among a dizzying array of features, including spiral slides, monkey bars, wobbly bridges, and different types of swings.

The sandbox can be positioned in a protected, shaded spot, allowing kids some respite from the sun, and giving them a quiet corner to sit and play. Along with ordering one of our existing swing sets, you can ask for customization. You’ll find that there are multiple ways to combine a sandbox with the other elements of a swing set.

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By specializing in the design, construction, and installation of incredible swing sets, we commit ourselves to promoting the happiness and health of children. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the types of swing sets we make and the option of customizing them to suit your preferences better.