The Garden Party We Didn’t Know We Needed by Rivki Rabinowitz


Photos by Toby Adler
Florals by Mimulo
Graphics by Miriam Noble
Food by Chef Mushka
Cookies by Frosted by Miri
Kids table and chairs by Petite Seats
Cloths, flatware, glasses, chargers by Table NJ

Every Sunday, our family travels an hour out of the city to go horseback riding. It’s become a vital part of our week, where we immerse ourselves in nature and escape technology and the fast-paced lifestyle of metropolitan living. Given our deep appreciation for this riding, it felt only fitting to organize an equestrian-themed birthday party for my daughter.

Swingit and I had been talking about collaborating on an outdoor lifestyle shoot for a while — and this party felt like the perfect occasion to bring our visions together. As someone who embraces a maximalist and traditional décor style, I naturally gravitated toward Swingit’s burgundy and cream set for the party’s setting and inspiration catalyst.

My primary focus was to create an environment where the adults could kick back, while the kids still felt like the main event.

I loved being able to entertain the adults and create a relaxing environment, while the kids were running around, totally stimulated and fulfilled — petting the horse and enjoying the playset.

While Swingit’s playsets are comprised of every kid’s dream, what I personally appreciated about having the set to anchor my event is how it actually enhanced the backyard décor and atmosphere, creating this additional living space that extended the party from indoor to out.

Of course, all good parties start with good food, and I envisioned a sophisticated garden party menu, executed by Chef Mushka: biscuits with cream and galettes with zucchini blossoms, heirloom tomatoes with burrata, radicchio with berries, lemon curd with olive oil, and artichokes and herbs.

The kids got to feel independent sitting at their own table right beneath the swings and slides, with chairs and table from Petite Seats. Child-friendly touches like hand-painted cookies by Frosted by Miri completed the picture. Graphics by Miriam Noble said “Adopt a Horse”, and tiny horses were lined up for the kids to take home.

The incredible team from Mimulo jumped right onto this vision with me, encasing the playset in ropings of florals that accented Swingit’s playset perfectly; the adult table, which was tucked into the playset, had a runner of layers and layers of arrangements, with the kids’ table having miniature versions in lavenders and blues.

Our amiable horse had his own glam with a floral mane, while the chickens were ornery and chaotic — which kind of added to the fun.

We rented silverware, chargers, cloths, and glasses from Table NJ that paired beautifully with the playsets warm tones, along with antique napkin rings from Joliette, engraved with or referencing equestrian and garden party motifs.

There has been a long-time need for playsets that are low maintenance yet aesthetic enhancing, so as a mom and interior designer, I really value what the SwingIt design team has brought to this space.