Winter Activities For Kids


Winter starting to feel long?

If you’re looking for some ideas to keep the little ones occupied this winter, our play experts at Swingit are here to help!

Activity Ideas

Outdoor Races

Bundle up and beat the cold by running around outdoors. You’d be surprised how fun  a regular game of tag can be in the cold!

Cozy Up

Invite a friend into your playset clubhouse and enjoy some hot cocoa with marshmallows! Add some blankets and make it a cozy stay!

Obstacle Course

Use random household items to create an indoor obstacle course. An overturned chair, a vacuum cleaner, and a cardboard box are great things to begin with.


Create a bowling alley in your house out of empty bottles (extra credit if you make those bottles look like bowling pins!)

Indoor Slide

Create a slide by placing a board or mattress from the couch to the floor!

Indoor Camping

Create a tent in your house and have a s’mores and tea party!

Pillow Fort

Find all the pillows in the house, pile them up and let the fun begin!


Create your dream playset out of your favorite building toy like clics, blocks or legos.

Or Better Yet…

Ignore the cold! Bundle up with hats gloves and scarves, get outside and enjoy your playset!